Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is not only one of the most common dermatological conditions to experience, but also one of the worst to suffer from. Acne can result in scaring in serious cases (though notionally any acne spot can become a scar). There are different kinds of acne scars, and their severity can range massively. Acne scaring can be unsightly and have a bad impact on your self-esteem.

At Luxe Skin, our professional physician Dr Q can over a wealth of effective treatments for acne scaring. These treatments come in forms which are both non and minimally invasive and ensure great results.


We offer a range of excellent treatments for handling acne scaring. These include Dermamelan peels, chemical peels, and Microneedling.

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Dermamelan Peel

Dermamelan peels are superb for handling acne scars. Dermamelan treatment works by using organic and dilute acids to suppress and remove melanin – the cells which cause the skins pigmentation. Because the treatment paralyses (rather than removes) the melanin, there’s no danger of any white spots or patches emerging.

Light, Medium and Deep Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are one of the most popular treatments for acne scars. Chemical peels are an excellent way to even out the skin, giving it a smoother appearance.

Chemical peels involve applying a dilute acid to the skin – removing the top layers (clearing away dead skin) and allowing fresh, new skill cells to emerge.

Treatment for Acne Scar Treatment

Chemical peels as such are fantastic for improving the look of the skin, smoothing it out, and creating a more even, rejuvenated look by removing dead skin. Scars form because of fresh skin cells failing to keep up the repair process – leaving an indent. The chemical peel allows fresh skin cells to even out the surface of the skill and the indent of the scar.

The strength of the chemical peel will depend on the depth and appearance of the scaring. The deeper the scar, the stronger the required peel will be.

Chemical peels can be applied in a course of sessions.


Microneedling has become aa popular treatment for helping to lighten the appearance of acne scaring. Microneedling causes small, limited damage to parts of the face. These are tiny, tiny ‘wounds’, and the body responds by releasing additional collagen to repair the damage.

Microneedling can as such do a huge amount to lessen the appearance of acne scars and create a far more even and firmer looking skin. Microneedling treatment is fantastic because of how simple it is, and the small amount of time required for recovery.



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