Age Spots

Age spots, also called liver spot and sunspots, result from both age and sun exposure. These spots are flat and are a darker colour than the surrounding skin. They result from increased production of melanin/skin piment. They usually form on places of the body subject to consistent sun exposure – so the face, your hands and arms, and shoulders/upper back.

At Luxe Skin, our professional physician Dr Q can provide effective, minimally invasive treatments which can reduce the appearance of and remove sunspots.


The primary treatment for age spots is the use of chemical peels and Microneedling.

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Chemical Peel

Chemical peel treatment is widely considered one of the best approaches to dealing with age spots. A chemical peel involves the use of a dilute acid solution to remove the upper layers of skin – getting rid of dead skin cells and allowing new skin cells to come to the surface. With a chemical peel treatment, it is possible to remove the layer of skin which has become hyperpigmented. Skin cells which haven’t been damaged by the sun and been hyperpigmented can be revealed.

Chemical peels range in strength; Luxe Skin and Dr Q can provide four different levels of treatment of chemical peel. The cost of treatment as well as its duration, length, as well as resting time will depend on the kind of chemical peel used – which itself will depend on the nature of the sunspots.

Treatment for Age Spots

A chemical peel will not only improve the appearance of age spots, but also rejuvenate the appearance of your skin in general – helping to soften wrinkles, reduce small scars and improve the texture and tone of your skin.

Chemical peel treatment makes an excellent alternative to traditional treatments for age spots such as laser – which are far more invasive, expensive, and have the potential for complications which don’t come with a chemical peel.


In some cases, Microneedling can be a great way to handle the problem of age spots. Microneedling involves the creation of tiny points of damage across the face, which is treated by the body as a form of damage. The body then works to repair the damage. Microneedling can as such work as a fantastic solution to the issue of these kinds of dark spots on the skin.



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