Jowl Lift

Sagging jowls result from the loss of volume and structure in our faces. As we get older, muscle (as well as bone and fat) is lost in our faces – alongside vital substances such as collagen (which is what gives our skin its tightness).

The primary cause of all this is age (though jowls can result from weight loss and health choices), which means that practically everyone develops jowls. Jowls can give an unhappy, sad expression, and create a heavy looking facial shape (even if you naturally lack one).

Dr Q and Luxe Skin offers a range of effective treatments of the lifting of a sagging jowl.


Dr Q and Luxe Skin offer a wealth of effective non-surgical treatments for sagging jowls.

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Dermal fillers 

A variety of different dermal filler treatments are available, all of which are excellent for handling sagging jowls. Cheek, chin, and wrinkle filler can be used to restore volume, while also improving the production of collagen. Fillers are a popular treatment for jowls; they are made from the body’s natural source of volume, hyaluronic acid, making them a naturally based treatment. The return of volume alongside the tightening of skin can successfully deal with the appearance of sagging in the face.


FaceTite, often called the non-surgical facelift, ‘melts’ fat while also tightening skin. This makes it perfect for handling sagging skin, such as jowls. FaceTite is a superb and modern approach for handling sagging skin, with none of the potential complications of a facelift.

Treatment for Jowl Lift


HIFU – High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound, is an innovative technology that uses radiofrequency to destroy fat cells while also tightening the skin. Whereas normal weight loss often leaves behind sagging, flabby skin, HIFU treatments tighten the skin. A HIFU treatment is fantastic because it also helps regenerate the skin in the long term as well, stimulating the growth of additional collagen which ensures the skin is tighter, firmer, and has an improved tone.

HIFU is perfect for handling sagging jowls.

PDO Thread Lift 

A thread lift is a popular treatment for mild jowls and other facial sagging. Thread lifts are a minimally invasive treatment which involves the use of dissolving threads, inserted beneath the skin via injection or cannula. They are then used to lift the skin, with the threads carrying tiny hooks which ‘anchor’ the skin up. This also stimulates the release of collagen – providing the face with a renewed sense of youth.

The release of collagen is a major benefit to the health of the skin. It keeps the skin strong and provides it with its structure and suppleness. So not only with the thread lift tighten the facial features, but it will also leave the skin firmer and improve its tone. As such, it’s a perfect choice for dealing with sagging jowls.



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