Open Pores

Pores are openings in our skin where oils and sweat are released and allowed to lubricate its surface, playing a vital role in keeping our skin and body looking healthy.

In some cases, too much oil can be produced and as a result, the pores will appear larger and look like a blemish.


Effective treatments for open pores include Microneedling and chemical skin peels.

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Chemical Skin Peels

A chemical skin peel works by applying dilute acids to the skin which allows for the removal of dead skin cells, and stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin. There are differing levels of peel, and these are used depending on the level of issues with the skin.

Often used to help even out skin tone and reduce or remove sun/age spots, a chemical peel is also a fantastic choice for dealing with open pores. A chemical skin peel that removes the outer skin layer (epidermis) can be highly effective in dealing with open pores. The peel will temporarily shrink the pore, and because of this (as well as the increased collagen production and cell turn over), your skin will lose the ‘shiny’ look caused by excess oil and sweat.

Treatment for Open Pores

Luxe Skin’s professional physician, Dr Q, has extensive experience in applying chemical skin peels of various strengths. If you’re eager to reduce the appearance of pores, chemical skin peel is an excellent choice.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment which makes use of a pen containing many small needles which call light damage – resulting in the production of more collagen rich tissues. The new skin is far more even in tone, as well as texture.

When it comes to Pores, Microneedling is fantastic for creating the appearance of smaller pores, as the skin tightens when it repairs and produces additional collagen. Microneedling is frequently used to handle enlarged pores, and it has proven one of the most popular uses of the treatment.



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