Sagging Jawline

Sagging jawlines, also known as ‘jowls’, is the sagging of skin beneath the chin or jawline. Practically everyone will develop jowls as they begin to age – they result from the loss of proteins like collagen and elastin in our bodies, and more vitally in our skin which they provide with a youthful plumpness. As such, the skin sags beneath the chin. They become less firm and tight, and gravity drags them down.

Cosmetic Treatments

Luxe Skin’s Dr Q can offer several different and effective non-surgical treatments to handle a sagging jawline. Treatments are minimally invasive and lack the kind of complications that come with more complex, ‘under the knife’ treatments.

Thread Lifts

Thread Lifts are one of the most innovative approaches to handling sagging jawlines and jowls. Thread lifts involve the use of tiny threads which are placed beneath the skin (either via a syringe or cannula. The threads have tiny barbs or hooks, and these work to pull the skin back. They subtly hold the skin and tissue in place, while stimulating the release of collagen. This works in tandem to increase the ‘tightness’ of the skin and giving it a rejuvenated appearance.

A thread lift treatment is quick and comes with none of the complications of ‘going under the knife’. Only local anaesthetics are required, and the treatment can often take less than an hour to complete.


FaceTite, often call the non-surgical facelift, uses radiofrequency to ‘melt’ fat and tighten the skin. It is commonly used to treat sagging skin. This makes it a perfect approach for dealing with the issue of a sagging jawline, as it can melt the fat while also tightening up the skin.

Treatment for Sagging Jawline

Dermal fillers

Cheek, Wrinkle, and Chin fillers are all effective options for handling a sagging jawline. Made from Hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar found throughout the body, and which provide us with hydration, plumpness (such as volume and structure), and elasticity in our skin.

Dermal fillers work by plumping out the area they’re applied to areas like the cheeks. By adding volume here, they lift the cheeks, as well as the skin around your jawline and mouth. This makes Dermal fillers a fantastic approach for dealing with sagging jowls.


HIFU – High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound – is a fantastic way for handling jowls. HIFU works by destroying fat cells (which are drained via a cannula) and tightens the skin in turn. It also stimulates the production of additional collagen and elastin, further lifting the skin.

Advance Cosmetic Treatments

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