Lip Fillers Largs

Lip Fillers Largs

Dermal fillers are a gel material consisting of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is also developed naturally within the skin. This chemical is responsible for preserving moisture, which aids in keeping skin healthy and sizeable. By inserting additional hyaluronic acid, we can improve volume meaning it will keep more moisture.

Lip Filler Largs
The filler chemical we use also includes lidocaine which will aid in further reducing any pain that can be experienced during the method of our lip fillers Largs service.

As soon as your lips are boosted with dermal fillers, collagen formation will be improved. As a result, the lip will end up fuller while the gel increases volume. Over the subsequent weeks, the skin will become reinforced and healthier.

At Luxe Clinic we utilise the premium range of dermal filler gels supplied by Juvederm. This allows us to offer unrivalled results with regards to our lip fillers Largs procedure. Their ‘light’ version of the product, known as Volbella, is by far the best lip filler obtainable and, along with Dr Q’s skill, will guarantee a satisfactory result.

The advancement which makes Juvederm’s premium range so superb is called ‘Vycross’. The product enables the lighter hyaluronic molecules to ‘cross-link’, which means the solution will more readily with your skin, leading to a smoother finish.

This advanced integration means that the final result will appear more natural while improving the lift potential of the procedure noticeably. On top of that, the process concerned will also be less unpleasant and more relaxed as a result of ease with which the gel is inserted.

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Dermal Fillers Prices

The price for our lip enhancement Largs treatment depends on the amount of gel you need to be applied:

  • 0.5ml – £200
  • 1ml – £375
  • 2ml – £650




What Are the Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

Our lip fillers Largs treatment from Doctor Q is an excellent method for increasing lip size for numerous reasons:

Comfortable: When compared with all other methods, and less reputable clinics, the process is extremely unobtrusive. The sole side-effect that is expected will be some slight bruising for a fortnight or so.

Enhances Skin: A boost in size is just one effect of the hyaluronic acid employed in our lip fillers Largs procedure. As moisture preservation is enhanced, your skin will also become rejuvenated and healthy.

Trusted: Through employing an established and responsible specialist like Doctor Q, you can depend on our lip fillers Dragon procedure to result the desired outcome and last for the guaranteed timeframe.

Immediate Results: The results of our lip filler procedure will be apparent instantaneously. As the output of collagen will be improved and stimulated, your lips will improve across the subsequent 90 days.

Affordable: Our dermal fillers costs won’t break your budget and will last for a considerable amount of time. On top of that, for the initial three months, the finish is only going to develop.

How long will lip fillers last?
Despite the fact the pace at which your body will break down the dermal filler gel is different from person to person, you can expect noticeable result to remain anywhere from 6-9 months.

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Professional Lip Fillers Largs From Luxe Skin

Luxe Clinic has been offering advanced aesthetic procedures in Great Britain since 2012. The skills of Dr Usman Qureshi and our dedication to guaranteeing spectacular and reliable results has enabled us to build a wonderful list of happy returning customers as well as many new ones.

Irrespective of whether you are interested in our lip fillers Largs process, or any other cosmetic treatment which we offer out of our medical facility based in Glasgow, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

We will organise an extensive consultation prior to any procedures to ensure you are well advised before starting, and we only make use of the finest quality and most trustworthy cosmetic products.

We always make an approach which works especially for you; we appreciate that every single one of our customers are people with their own particular cosmetic goal. By outlining everything that you want to accomplish, we can propose the right approach to handle your preferences.

At Luxe Skin, we offer a comprehensive service which will ensure you are utterly satisfied; we are not interested in simply selling you a syringe full of a specific product. Our lip fillers Largs procedure prioritises experience and care.

Meet Doctor Q

The man who will perform your lip fillers Largs service will be Dr Usman Qureshi, generally known as Doctor Q to his clients. Doctor Qureshi graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2002 prior to moving into the cosmetic medicine industry in 2011, training with a number of the most respected practitioners around London.n.

Doctor Q permits nothing less than perfection and constantly signs up for tutorials and training events to sharpen his craft. Because of this dedication, he is now at the bleeding edge of the complex and developing field of cosmetic medicine.

Consultations are an integral component of the service you can expect at our clinic. The talk you’ll have with Doctor Q will be transparent and educational. Inquiries that you might have will be addressed thoroughly, and all of the potential risks and advantages involved will be outlined.

There are a lot of factors with regards to cosmetic treatments such as our lip fillers Largs service. However, the most crucial one is the doctor you go to. For starters, they will need to be sure in their skills, but they also ought to be qualified to take care of any problems which might arise.

Dr Q is tremendously skilled and qualified, and vitally believes in looking for a solution to your complaint, rather than marketing a certain product or service.

as rated by patients on 5 STAR TREATMENT

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Not ready to book a face to face consultation? Why not tell us about your concerns and we will call you back to discuss treatment options.


      Elaine M

      I got fillers done on my nose to mouth lines and mouth to chin lines, I don’t really like needles but was pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, there was a little nip and the procedure was over and done with, in no time at all. Dr Qureshi was very professional, he talked me through the procedure as he was doing it, putting me at ease. I saw a slight difference straight away but as the day went on it got better. I am amazed at the results, I will definitely be going back for more and I will be recommending Dr Qureshi to all my friends.


      Vanessa B

      My friend Clare recommended Doctor Q to me. I had been going to a different clinic and had some problems after lip fillers but that practitioner would not return my calls and would not help me. Doctor Q was able to fix my lips and I just love them. Thanks so much Doctor Q.


      Pamela S

      Dr Q is very experienced and professional! He makes you feel totally at ease and he “really” listens to you & tailors his treatment to suit you personally. I have been to a couple of different places for my Botox but Dr Q is by far the best. If you want quality care, treatments and results then you should definitely go to Luxe Skin. Thanks again Doctor Q – see you soon 🙂


      Gayle C

      My sister and myself went to Dr Qureshi’s clinic in Glasgow, he was very professional and talked us through the process of Botox injections, as it was our first time. We were very anxious but Dr Qureshi answered all our queries and explained everything very professionally and put us at ease. I would highly recommend Dr Qureshi and will return as we were both delighted & very happy with our before & after care and much softer younger looking eyes/frown lines. I also contacted Dr Qureshi by text message and he always replied very quickly & professionally. He also does discounts on 1 or more areas. Highly recommended and very professional clinic with affordable prices.


      Alison M

      I went to a national chain clinic before and did not realise that the treatment was not done by a doctor. They actually wanted much more money when I said I wanted a doctor to carry out my treatment. At Luxe Skin, I am always seen by Doctor Q. He is so easy to contact at any time. No receptionists or secretaries, you speak to him directly. I had Botox and fillers and I love the results. My forehead is so smooth and the deep lines around my nose have faded away.


      Claire J

      I’ve been getting botox for over two years now in South Africa. After moving to the UK I had it done with one other provider. It was the worst experience, painful, ineffective and I had a black eye for two weeks. I came to see Dr Qureshi feeling a little anxious. He instantly put me at ease and it was the best results I’ve ever had, completely painless and he got it right on the 1st go. Thrilled with the results and I will become a regular of his now.


      Louise M

      I came to Dr Qureshi as i felt i had developed smokers’ lines around my mouth which had been bothering me for many years. He recommended Fillers and Botox on my upper lip and I am delighted with the results. The lines have completely gone and i really feel like a new woman. Major confidence boost and I will be most certainly a regular client as I was very well looked after also. Thank you.


      Caroline R

      Thank you Dr Q for amazing results! I’ll recommend you to my friends. I’ll be booking my face plan this week thanks again! My friend will be booking with you this week too.


      Linda R

      A few months ago I went to Dr Usman Qureshi for a wrinkle reduction treatment, I was so delighted with my treatment, I even took my mum and sister along with me this time so we could all have the treatments together. My mum had never had the treatment before and so was a little nervous, Dr Q put her at ease right away and carried out the procedure quickly and professionally. We are all delighted with the results and looking and feeling fabulous! Thanks Dr Q, see you soon.


      Stephen W

      The hollows under my eyes used to get me down but I was scared to get anything done. Doctor Q explained the procedure to me. He showed me before and after pictures of what it would look like. And I love the result. I wish I would have got this done much sooner.


      Nicole C

      This was my first time having Botox. I wanted to get rid of my frown lines and lift my eyebrows. Dr Qureshi explained everything to me clearly and answered all my questions (and I had a lot). He has very light hands, I hardly felt a thing. I will definitely be back with my friends.


      Jasmine H

      Thanks Doctor Q, I love my lips. Thanks for using the anaesthetic, it made a huge difference. I was really nervous but you made me feel at ease. See you in a few months.


      Emma W

      I went to Dr Qureshi for my first ever Botox treatment, he was extremely professional and listened to what I wanted and what my expectations were. Treatment was quick and painless and I was made to feel at ease. After a few days, I could see visible effects and it is everything I expected. I will now return for subsequent treatments and am very happy with the service he provides.


      Joan S

      Whenever I have had Botox in the past, I had these annoying lines above my eyebrows which would never go away. I went to Dr Q and he got rid of them without any problem! I am thrilled.



      Whenever I had Botox in the past, my eyebrows dropped. I kept telling my previous practitioner but they said that’s the way it will be for me. I was amazed at the results at Luxe Skin. My frown has gone and eyebrows have lifted. I feel so much fresher. I have even signed up to Face Plan at Luxe Skin.


      Charlotte R

      I wanted fillers under my eyes to fill the hollows. I was scared as this as it is such a sensitive area. Doctor Q used a cannula and was very gentle. Amazing result. Thank you so much Dr Q.


      Yvonne M

      I used to go to this other place to get Botox done because it was cheap. But the last time my eyelid drooped. I called the practitioner but she kept ignoring me and was very rude. I went to Doctor Q. He explained that side effects can happen but there are ways to reduce the risk. He gave me some eye drops which helped by eyelid droop and after a month it resolved completely. I now get Botox at Luxe Skin. I would highly recommend Doctor Q.


      Mary B

      I used to go to a different clinic which was much cheaper but I was never satisfied with the results. I always felt that the treatment was rushed. I wanted to try someone else and went to Doctor Q. He really listened to me and advised me on treatments that met my needs. I had Botox to 3 areas and filler around the mouth and nose. He is always available by phone or email for advice. I am really happy with the results.



      I had my first ever Botox in 2 areas and after just 5 days can see a very positive difference. Dr Q is very professional and his clinic reflects this too. It was carried out after a consultation and did not take long. Luxe also offer payment plans which is also a big plus.I will definitely be a returning customer as I have every confidence in Dr Q. and love the result on my 54 year old face!Many thanks.


      Lee M

      Dr. Q has done my lip fillers and wrinkle reduction. Lots of people tell me I’m looking really well but my look is natural so they don’t always guess I’ve had any work done and that’s exactly what I wanted. Dr. Q listens well and therefore provides the look you want. Nice relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. Treatments are painless (I use anaesthetic cream for lip fillers). The clinic is clean and bright. Love my little visits!


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    Dermal fillers glasgow

    At Luxe Skin, we use the finest Juvederm Vycross dermal fillers which last up to 24 months. All of Dr Q’s treatments aim to enhance your appearance without giving you that ‘over filled’ look. His experience ensures that treatments are carried out safely.

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