Jaw Reduction & Teeth Grinding

What is the best treatment for jaw reduction?

Some people have a prominent square jaw which is not due to the bone structure but results from strong and bulky jaw muscles. These are masseter muscles used in talking and chewing. The muscles get bulky and hypertrophy if someone chews very hard, chews gum a lot, grinds their teeth when anxious or in their sleep. This changes the shape of the face and makes it quite square and masculine. These muscles can be shrunk using botulinum or Botox injections. Two to three injections are placed carefully on each side which weakens the muscle so that it debulks and becomes smaller resulting in a V shaped face. It takes around 4 weeks for the result to appear.



What is the best treatment for teeth grinding?

Botulinum or Botox is probably the best and most simple treatment for teeth grinding or bruxism. Some people grind their teeth without realising in their sleep or when anxious. This wears their teeth, injuries the sides of the tongue and can cause migraines or headache around the temples. Botox can weaken the masseter muscles which means the person does not grind their teeth strongly. This spares the teeth and tongue from damage and can relieve headaches.

How much does Botox for jaw reduction or teeth grinding cost?

The treatment dose for jaw reduction and teeth grinding is similar. The cost is £325 which includes treatment to both sides of the face.

What are the benefits of Botox for jaw reduction and teeth grinding?

Botulinum treatment to the masseter muscles results is shrinkage of the muscle. This makes the muscle weaker so that the person does not grind their teeth strongly. This spares the teeth from wearing out. People often get headaches due to teeth grinding. Botox treatment helps reduce these headaches. When the masseter muscles are reduced, they provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The face looks softer, more V shaped and feminine.

What are the risks of Botox treatment for jaw reduction and teeth grinding?

Botox injections relax the muscles. If it trickles into any other muscles, it will relax those too. If the injections are placed too superficially, botulinum can trickles into the facial muscles causing them to relax. This results in dropping on the lower face. It is self-limiting and will correct itself in around 4 weeks. Therefore the injections need to be placed deeply in the belly of the masseter muscle. It is important that you go to an experienced practitioner because this is a medical procedure.

How long do the results last?

Botox to the masseter muscles takes around 4 weeks to have effect. Results usually last around 6 months and most people may get treatments twice a year.

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