Tear Trough Hollows

What are these and how can they be corrected?

Tear trough hollows refers to hollowness under the eyes. This is different to dark circles which is a pigmentation problems. Although hollowness under the eyes can make dark circles worse due to the shadow effect. Therefore, correcting the hollowness often reduces the darkness.

Tear Trough Hollows

Tear Trough

Tear Trough £450










People often feel that the hollowness makes them look tired. Tear troughs can be corrected by placing dermal fillers right onto the bone under the eyes. This creates a lifting effects and fills the hollowness.

Fillers can also be used to disguise the eye bags. Eye bags are formed by prolapsed fat. Although the fat cannot be removed without surgery, fillers can fill the area under the eye bags and disguise them giving a good cosmetic result.

The filler is placed using a blunt cannula as not to damage any vessels of nerves under the eye. A needle is used to puncture the skin in the cheek away from the eye. A blunt cannula is then glided under the skin over the bone to the tear trough area. Filler is placed and the cannula removed.

What are the benefits of tear trough treatment?

Treating the under-eye hollows can give a refreshed and rested appearance. It also improves the shadow or darkness caused by them thus improving the appearance of dark circles. The pigmentation can then be addressed using serums, peels, microneedling or PRP.

What are the side effects of under eye fillers?

Treating tear troughs with fillers is an advanced technique and not every Glasgow botox clinic will offer this. It can take some time to master and a review appointment is often needed at 2 weeks as some filler can migrate to the surface causing a swelling effect. This is easily corrected by dissolving it Hyalase and making it flush with the skin. Filler migration can also result in a blueish hue in certain light conditions. This is called the Tyndall effect. Again Hyalase can help here by removing the filler that has surfaced.

The are under the eye is very delicate. There is an opening in the bone where the blood vessels and nerve emerge. Therefore, this treatment should be done with a blunt cannula as not to injury any of these vessels.

What is the downtime with tear trough fillers?

Up to 2 weeks should be allowed for any bruising or swelling to settle. It is best to under-fill the area as the filler will expand over the 2 weeks. Quite often a review appointment is needed at 2 weeks to dissolve a little bit of the filler that has come up to the surface.

How long do the results from tear trough filler last?

Effects usually last 9-12 months.

How much does tear trough under eye filler cost?

Treatment cost is £450 for both eyes.

Tear Trough Filler vs. Fat Transfer

Dermal filler is a great treatment for tear trough. Since the filler is temporary so are the side effects. Any discrepancy can be easily corrected. Using a blunt cannula makes this procedure quite safe.

Fat grafting to fill under eye hollows is a very difficult procedure. In the expert hands it can produce great results. However, the skin under the eye is very thin and delicate and therefore very unforgiving. It can show any irregularities and fat lumps which are very difficult to correct.

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